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You can download the latest version of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway by clicking on the link below. This page also includes a changelog, which informs you about the latest improvements.

Version:Ozeki NG SMS Gateway v10.1.22
Updated: 2018.12.06.
Download:  (64.8 MB) 
ozeki-ng_10.1.22_all.deb  (46.0 MB) 
Changes:This version was dedicated to improving the SMPP SMS client and SMPP SMS service provider capabilities of the system.
  1. Improvements (SMPP client connection). Several improvements were made to make the SMPP client better. The keepalive requests, connection timeouts, broken network links, automatic reconnect capability were improved. Logging was improved.
  2. New features (SMPP PDU decoder)
  3. . The SMPP client connection received a new tab, that offers a visual SMPP PDU decoder. This helps you decode and understand how each SMPP pdu is made up.
  4. Improvemengs (TLS / SSL). The security layer was also improved to provide enhanced remote praty validation capabilities. You can decide whether you wish to trust system CA-s, or you would like to use your own. Certificate creation, signing was also improved.
  5. Improvemengs (SMPP server). The SMPP server user authentication was improved, and several bugs were fixed related to user renaming, password changes and GUI.
Version:Ozeki NG SMS Gateway v10.1.15
Updated: 2018.11.23.
Download:  (63.3 MB) 
ozeki-ng_10.1.15_all.deb  (45.7 MB) 
  1. Improvement (SSL Certificate Validation): The SSL layer was improved to support enhanced certificate validation for both client and server SSL connections. You can validate the remote party using a custom CA or using a trust chain derived from the system certificate store. This new features allows your to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks for secure connections. This improvement was added to the following SMS connections: SMPP Server, SMPP Client, CIMD2 Server, CIMD2 Client, UCP/EMI Server, UCP/EMI Client.
  2. Improvement (SSL Certificates Creation): The security app was improved to make it easier to create and sign SSL certificates. Now you can not only create and sign X509 certificates, but you can also specify the usage flags on the graphical user interface. This makes it easy for you to restrict how an issued certificate can be used. For example it can be setup for code signing or you can allow cert signing or encryption.
Version:Ozeki NG SMS Gateway v10.1.14
Updated: 2018.11.16.
Download:  (63.2 MB) 
ozeki-ng_10.1.14_all.deb  (70.2 MB) 
  • Improvement: Int the SMPP Client and SMPP server connections, the default character set is changed to ISO-8859-1, and Unicode character support was improved, multipart message segmentation and reassembly performance was improved. Tests were made with Arabic, Chinese and Russian characters.
  • Improvement: User creation for SMPP, CIMD2 and UCP SMS Server connections have been simplified.
  • Improvement: SSL support was added to CIMD2 and UCP SMS connections. Now you can use SMPP over SSL, CIMD2 over SSL, and UCP over SSL in both client and server connections. This allows you to connect securely to the short message service center (SMSC) of the mobile network operators.
    Version:Ozeki NG SMS Gateway v10.1.13
    Updated: 2018.11.12.
    Download:  (62.9 MB) 
    ozeki_10.1.13_all.deb  (45.6 MB) 
    • New feature: SMPP Server over SSL. The SMPP server service has been improved to offer SSL encryption. You may upload an SSL certificate and use an encrypted channel for communication with your clients.
    • New feature: SMPP Client over SSL. The SMPP connectoin has been improved to offer SSL encryption. You may upload an SSL certificate and use an encrypted channel for communication with SMPP SMS services.
    • New feature: E-mail to SMS gateway. The built in SMTP server (E-mail to SMS), can return information about submit reports and delivery reports. If a user sends an e-mail, he will receive a response e-mail when the SMS message is successfully submitted to the mobile network, and when the SMS message is delivered to the recipient handset.
    Version:Ozeki NG SMS Gateway v10.1.12
    Updated: 2018.11.08.
    Download:  (62.9 MB) 
    ozeki_10.1.12_all.deb  (45.6 MB) 
    • New feature: The SMTP server protocol was added to the system to be able to provider messaging from e-mail. Now you can send messages to the system from e-mail clients, or through other SMTP servers. The incoming e-mail messages can be forwarded as SMS using the routing table. This is a great feature, that allows you to setup an e-mail to SMS gateway. This SMTP server offers user authentication, and it can also work without authentication depending on the configuration.
    • Improvement: SMPP Client default character encoding was changed to ISO-8859-1
    • Improvement: SMPP Client config form / phone number, ESEME address field simplified
    Version:Ozeki NG SMS Gateway v10.1.11
    Updated: 2018.11.02.
    Download:  (62.9 MB) 
    ozeki_10.1.11_all.deb  (45.6 MB) 
    • New feature: Database reporting. The database reporting allows you to save a copy of each message that goes through the system into a database. The following databases are supproted: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Express, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Sybase SQL Anywhere, OleDB, ODBC. This feature was present in the previous generation of Ozeki NG. Now it is included in this version generation. This implementation is more user friendly.
    • New feature: CIMD2 Server: With this version you may provide SMS service to your customers using the CIMD2 protocol
    • New feature: CIMD2 Client: With this version you may connect to SMS service providers using the CIMD2 protocol
    • New feature: PHP support added. You may write autoresponding logic in PHP. (This feature caused the increase in the package size, since we included the PHP components needed to compile PHP scripts you write)
    • New feature: ASP scripting in C#.Net. You may write autoresponding logic in C#.Net
    • New feature: ASP scripting in VB.Net. You may write autoresponding logic in VB.Net
    • New feature: Cameroon MTN service provider connection added. This connection allows you to send/receive SMS messages using ParlayX through the service offered by MTN in Cameroon.
    • New feature: Autoreply database. You can create autoresponding applications using a database.
    • New feature: SNMP support. 4 connections were created to act as an SNMP monitoring agent or an SNMP monitoring server, and send/receive SMS messages in case of SNMP events.
    • New feature: SMS voting. You can setup SMS voting services, where people can send in SMS messages with keywords, and you can count which keyword was sent in how many times.
    • New feature: SMS PDF. You can setup a service where people can send in an SMS with their e-mail address, and you can send an e-mail to the e-mail address with an attached file, such as a PDF document. This is great to distribute documentation or marketing material in SMS.
    Version:Ozeki NG SMS Gateway v10.1.8
    Updated: 2018.10.15.
    Download:  (38.6 MB) 
    ozeki_10.1.8_all.deb  (45.6 MB) 
    1. New supported OS: Ubuntu Linux. Starting with this version Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will operate on debian based Linux distributions. Our primary Linux platform is Ubuntu. This version was tested on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS. In the future all version will be released for both Windows and Linux platforms.
    Version:Ozeki NG SMS Gateway v10.1.7
    Updated: 2018.10.11.
    Download:  (41.0 MB) 
    1. Improvement (GUI): This version includes lots of improvements on the GUI, to require a fewer number of clicks to access popular features. Although the general layout has not changed, it is significantly more easy to use.
    2. Improvement (Nexmo SMS connection): Multipart SMS support was added for this connection for both incoming and outgoing messages. Now you can send and receive long SMS. You can find information on How to setup Nexmo SMS service provider in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway in the On-line manual.
    3. Improvement (Nexmo SMS connection): Unicode character set support was added to the Nexmo SMS service provider connection, to make it possible to send and receive chinese, arabic, cirill and other unicode characters and unicode emojis.
    4. Improvement (General SMS messaging): Delivery report matching for multipart messages was improved. Now we examine all message parts before marking a message delivered or not delivered, and we introduced the term partial successful delivery.
    Version:Ozeki NG SMS Gateway v10.1.6
    Updated: 2018.10.05.

    This is the first public release of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway 10, which is the second generation of our popular Ozeki NG SMS gateway platform. This release includes the following IP SMS connection types:

    1. SMPP SMS Client
    2. SMPP SMS Server
    3. UCP/EMI SMS Client
    4. UCP/EMI SMS Server
    5. HTTP SMS Client
    6. HTTP SMS Server

    The HTTP client supports SSL security using the following protocols: TLS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, SSL 3.0. The same protocols are also available in the HTTP Server connection. SSL support was added based on a customer request.

    This version also supports GSM modems attached to the computer over USB, RS232, Bluetooth or any other serial link. With GSM modems you may send and receive SMS messages wirelessly the same way your mobile phone sends and receives SMS messages. The connection type you need to use for this connection is:

    1. SMS Modem

    The version also includes a service provider specific connection on a customer request. This called Nexmo SMS client. It implements the functionality of the SMS service offered at The connection you need to install in Ozeki if you wish to use this service is called:

    1. Nexmo SMS Client

    On the user side. This version implements the following connection types:

    1. Text file SMS connection
    2. FTP SMS connection
    3. SQL SMS connection
    4. Auto reply connection

    Regarding database connections, the following databases are supported:

    1. Microsoft SQL Server
    2. MS Access
    3. MySQL
    4. ODBC
    5. OleDB
    6. Oracle
    7. PostgreSQL
    8. SQLAnywhere

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