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You can download the latest version of OZEKI Cluster by clicking on the link below. After download, you need to unzip it and run the installer in the zip package.

Version:OZEKI Cluster v2.0.0
Download:  (100.1 MB) 
  • New feature (manual takeover): Ozeki Cluster 2.0 is a very efficient tool to manage services with multiple hardware backups. This version allows you to make manual takeover, meaning by simply pressing a button on the graphical interface another computer will take over the master role in your cluster. This is great when you wish to do hardware maintenance or hardware upgrade. You can reduce hardware downtime to near zero.
  • Improvement (cluster IP address): One of the best features of Ozeki cluster is the ability to manage a so called cluster IP address. The cluster IP address is a "floating IP", that is always assigned to the master computer in the cluster. If the cluster master goes down because of hardware failure, the next online slave (Slave 1) will pick up the cluster IP and will take over the service. In this version the floating IP address management is better then in the previous releases. It monitors IP address conflicts and manages failed nodes coming back on-line and trying to acquire the cluster IP.
  • Improvement (service passing): Ozeki cluster was originally developed to stop and start services automatically when a computer in the cluster goes down. This feature is improved to support manual cluster master takeover. When a computer becomes the cluster master it will immediately start all managed services. When it loses the cluster master role (for example due to manual takeover), it will automatically stop the managed services
  • Improvement (file synchronization): Ozeki cluster can keep folders and files in sync between the cluster computers. This is a great feature to make sure all members of the cluster have the same configuration for all managed services. In this version file synchronization became more efficient because it runs in the background meaning it will not effect cluster performance for critical tasks, such as takeover or health checks

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