About us

Ozeki Ltd. was establised in year 2000, in Debrecen, Hungary. It is a family owned software company. In the past 20 years we have served tens of thousands of clients, we have customers in almost every country in the world, and we are proud to anounce that more than 20 fortune 500 companies have chosen our products.

Our goal is to make it easy to communicate with people, and to make it easy to control remote devices.

We believe that improved communication, remote access, and automation is the key to making today's companies more efficient. This goal drives us to deliver outstanding products. To learn more about us, please click on one of the links bellow, or simply pick up the phone and talk with us or send us an e-mail.

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Customers above all

We are happy to work with customers. Are phone lines are served by human operators, and we read and answer all the e-mails we receive. If you think we can deliver a solution to you, but you have not found it on our website, please let us know. We are open to building custom solutions for our customers and we like to solve problems.


Some of our most poplar products are:

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