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At Ozeki we have a team of enthusiastic robot developers. They have built two magnificient products: a remote presence robot, and a robot camera. Both of these robots can be controlled throught a VR headset. Even if you don't plan to invest in robots (that will make your life easier), this is something you must see.

Bob-E, the remote presence robot

Bob-E is a remote presence robot, that can be operated through a VR headset. It allows you to look around and move around in the office from a remote location. The robot has built in head tracking and 3D stereo vision. Find out more about the Bob-E, the remote presence robot.

Bob-E Mini, the super fast 3D VR robot camera

Bob-E Mini, the super fast 3D robot camera uses the same technology as Bob-E, the remote presence robot. It can also be operated through a VR headset and provides 3D stereo vision. It also offers head tracking, and best of all it runs Ozeki Robot OS, which means it can be used in other robots a control or communication component. This is also something you must see. Check out: Bob-E Mini, super fast 3D VR camera

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