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The Ozeki SMS Server is a powerful, flexible application that enables you to send and receive SMS messages from mobile devices with your computer.
  The application uses a standard GSM mobile phone to transmit and receive the messages. The phone is attached to your computer with a Phone-to-PC data cable. 

Capacity and requirements
The Ozeki SMS Server can send and receive about
14 000 messages per day. It needs a Pentium class PC with 64Mb memory and 25Mb hard disk space. It works on major Linux distributions and supports a set of mobile phones. 

Software developers
Developers can use Perl, PHP, Bash, C++ or any other programming language to send or receive messages. (The software package contains an example Perl applications.)  

Database support
Ozeki SMS for Linux includes database support for all major database servers (MySql , Postgres, Oracle, Sybase, etc...). This means an incoming SMS message can atomatically be saved in a database table. Sending a message can be done by inserting a new record inserted into another table.

How much does it cost?
A single server license costs USD 800. Additional licenses can be purchased at a lower price. If you are interested in purchasing our product, please visit our "How to buy " page.


  Click on this link download a trial versionHere is everything you need to know if you would like to buy this product 

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