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Configuring the application for SMPP

OZEKI SMS supports the SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) protocol version 3.3 and 3.4, to connect to an SMSC over the Internet or other private TCP/IP network. Some mobile operators provide SMPP connections for higher volumes of SMS traffic. In order to configure this connection you must perform the following steps:

After installation select the  Preferences...  from the Server menu.  

When this menu item is selected, the Server Options form opens. 

Select the GSM Device1 in the Installed GSM phones box and click on the Uninstall button. When you uninstalled the GSM device successfully you can start to install the SMPP connection.

Select the SMPP connection to the SMSC from the GSM Device for SMS messaging combobox and press Intall button. In the Installed GSM phones box will appear the smpp1.

After installing the SMPP driver click on the Configure button to start the configuration. On the configuration screen you should provide the neccessary login information to connect to the server.

When you fill in the Phone number text box you can modify the phone number to OZEKI


Testing the connection

After finishing these settings close the smpp1 Configurating form by clicking on OK and start the SMS sending and receiving service by clicking on the "Start " button on the main screen of the application.

If you select the Server Events folder on the left, you can see the startup message of the server. This message should be: "SERVER_STARTUP ok"

Once the application is started you can view the SMPP communication log by clicking on the smpp communication menu item in the Server menu. (This menuitem becomes visible after you have installed the smpp driver) 

Sending your first SMS 

Once the application is installed and configured properly, you can send an SMS by clicking on the Create SMS icon. This brings up the SMS composer, where you can specify the phone numbers and the message text. Make sure you specify the phones numbers in international format. e.g.: +36209937723. When the message is written, you can send it by clicking on the Send button. 

Once you installed the server, you can configure plugins or you can start developing applications. Good luck!

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