Ozeki Message Server 6

Sending messages from Microsoft Excel

Ozeki  Message Server    provides a way to send SMS messages using Microsoft Excel from any computer in your office. All you have to do is to set up the Message server on one of the computers. After you have installed the software, you can send messages following these  steps:  

Steps for sending SMS messages

Create a list of mobile phone numbers and messages
Open the Excel file with the SMS Macro (sms.xls)
Configure the SMS Macro
Send the messges by pressing the "Send all" button

Step 1
When you finished  the installation of  Message Server,  open the Excel database. You can reach it on this link:
C:\Program Files\Ozeki\Ozeki Message Server\messages.xls

As you can see on the screenshot below, you need to create an Excel Sheet in the following way: in column "A" enter the mobile phone numbers in international format and in column "B" enter the messages. (Picture 1).
(Note: international format means: phone numbers begins  with a plus sign  and the country code without using any spaces e.g.: +36201234567)

Picture 1 - Opening the Message.xls

Step 2
After creating the message list, you have to open the Excel file containing the Excel Macro. You can find it at the following location:
C:\Program Files\Ozeki\Ozeki Message Server\ Ozeki.xls   (You can copy this file to any location you like)

Step 3 
In the ozeki.xls file you have to specify the IP address and Server port of the computer by dividing with double-dot from each other while the Message Server is running, as well as Server account and password. You need  to do this only once ( Picture 2 ).

Picture 2 - Opening the Ozeki.xls

You are recommended to regulate macro safety at low level in Device menu (Picture 3).

Picture 3 - Setting up the security level

Step 4
By pressing the Send all button, the messages will be sent automatically within a few seconds (Picture 4 ).

Picture 4 - Sending messages by Excel table

The SMS sending will be successful, if the website is appeared on the screen, which means the message is accepted  for delivery. We can notice the website that flashes with orange colour at the bottom of the screen (Picture 5 ).

Picture 5 - Flashing website signaling the message accepted

When we open a flashing website, we can check whether our messages were sent (Picture 6).

Picture 6 - Messages are sent

We can check  sent messages by starting of Ozeki Message Server. In order to run the server, we have to log in by giving username, password and server URL (Picture 7 ).

Picture 7 - Ozeki Message Server login 

When we click on the sent items menu, we can see that our message were sent  from the Excel database (Picture 8 ).

Picture 8 - The messages insert into the Ozeki Message Inbox

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