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On-line manual:
  Explore all the features in this On-line HTML documentation of Ozeki Message Server 6.

Product guide:
  Download Ozeki Message Server 6 Manual in PDF format. This PDF guide explains all the features of Ozeki Message Server 6.
Ozeki Message Server 6
Addressbook Addressbook | Developers guide Developers guide


  The Ozeki SMS Server makes it possible to create a register with mobilphone numbers in the Excel database. The picures below show the procedures.
If we click on the Numbers button, Addressbook window will be appeared. By clicking the New contact button, the other Addressbook window is coming up.You have to fill in the datas of the contact person. For example: the name of the person, telephone number in international format, and the types of the connection (eg: friend, business partner, distributor)You can remark in connection with a contact person, but it is not obligatory (Figure 1).

Figure 1 - Creating a new contact

The datas of the registered person is appearing in the addressbook of the SMS Server (Figure  2).

Figure  2 - The new contact was registered in the addressbook

After this the Addressbook  is visible in the Excel database, which can be reached the following route (Figure 3 ):
C:\Program Files\Ozeki\Ozeki SMS\Addressbook.csv.

Figure 3 - Addressbook's root

If we open the Addressbook file in the Excel database, we can see the datas of that contact person which was registered in the addressbook of the software earleir.
With a help of the Excel database, we have an opportunity to register many phone numbers of the clients (Figure 3 ).

Figure  4 - Importing of the contact people to the Excel table 

Before writing in the Excel database, we make sure that our file is converted to text, or not. You can configurate at the Devices menu/Cells. You have to click on the Number tab and choose the text format. The procedure was finished by OK button. (Figure 5)
/Note: You need converting to text format of Addressbook database, becouse there are phone numbers in international format and the program is not able to define it./

Figure  5 - Text configuration in the Excel column

Before installing of the Ozeki SMS Server and you have list of the phone number from earlier times, but these numbers are not in international format, than you have to do the following tasks:
In case of our example the column A includes the international format and column B consist of phone numbers. These columnes will be closed up by the equation framed with red colour in the picture (Figure 6 )

Figure  6 - Linking the B and C column

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