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Product features

The Ozeki Message Server Application is a Message Management System, that operates as a system service on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 computers. It is the successor of the successful Ozeki SMS Server 5 application. It can be used to send and receive SMS text messages and various other message types through the GSM network. Ozeki Message Server can be used by everyday people in the office, and by IT professionals.

Ozeki Message Server in the Office

Office users can use applications they are already familiar with sending SMS messages. For example Microsoft Excel can be used to send large numbers of messages with the help of an Excel Macro. Ozeki Message Server provides a plugin for Microsoft Outlook to make SMS messaging possible from the standard outlook interface and to be able to receive reminders about Outlook events. Of course there is a graphical user interface included in the software for those, who wish to use Ozeki Message Server on its own.

Ozeki Message Server in the hands of IT professionals

Ozeki Message Server was designed to help software developers and system integrators to add messaging functionality to their applications. The software supports SMS text messages and it can be used to send and receive other message types, such as zModem files. It provides connectivity plugins, and application programming interfaces (APIs), that make sending and receiving very easy from existing systems. One of the biggest advantages of the software, is that it has a powerful engine, that can handle large volumes of traffic. It can be configured to use more than one device and connections to send and receive messages with load balancing and it provides advanced management of message queues. The software provides SMS connectivity via GSM phones attached to the PC's serial port and over TCP/IP links connected directly to the Short Message Service Center (SMSC) of the GSM service provider. For IP SMS connectivity the UCP, CIMD2 and the SMPP protocols are supported.

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