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On-line manual:
  Explore all the features in this On-line HTML documentation of Ozeki Message Server 6.

Product guide:
  Download Ozeki Message Server 6 Manual in PDF format. This PDF guide explains all the features of Ozeki Message Server 6.
Ozeki Message Server 6
Office Users Office Users | Multi-user architecture Multi-user architecture

Basic features

Ozeki Message Server 6 provides the following basic features for Office users:

Intelligent Message SendingYou can send SMS messages from the built-in Ozeki Graphical User Interface (GUI) or from MS Excel or MS Outlook. In all of these cases the outgoing messages are collected into a message queue, and sent as fast as possible. In certain situations, for example on New Year's Eve, the GSM network fails. In these cases it is not possible to send SMS messages. The intelligent message sending capability of Ozeki Message Server helps in these situations. If a message cannot be sent for any reason, the software tries to re-send it a couple of times. Between each retry a certain amount of time (e.g. 10 minutes) is spent, to wait for the network to be available again. If there are six failures, the message is considered undelivered and the users are notified.
Receiving MessagesYou can receive SMS messages in the Ozeki GUI and in MS Outlook or MS Outlook express.
Message ForwardingThe built-in user interface makes it possible to forward any incoming message to other phone number(s).
Message RepliesThe reply feature of the built-in GUI is similar to the e-mail clients' user interfaces. It is very easy to reply to any incoming SMS message.
Message TemplatesTo speed up work, you can define default messages in advance. These predefined messages are called message templates. When you want to send an SMS you can choose a template and edit it.
Address bookOzeki Message Server 6 provides a central addressbook for all clients. This address book can be synchronized with an SQL database or an LDAP directory. You can read more about this feature on the addressbook page.
Group MessagingIf a large number of SMS messages with the same content needs to be sent, the group messaging feature provided by Ozeki Message Server can make your job easier. You can send messages to a lot of phone numbers (up to a few thousand) with only a few clicks.
Message HistoryLog files are created by Ozeki Message Server, so you can keep track of your messages anytime. A list of all messages, which have been sent and received by you are saved in a separate log file. This file can help you to remember what have you sent, when and to whom your message have been sent to.

Message Folders

In case of having a lot of incoming messages it is a good idea to organize them into folders. Ozeki SMS provides an option to create new folders and to save your messages to them.
Integrated PrintingYou can print your messages and log files to your default system printer.
Multiple Device SupportFor one GSM module it takes around 5-6 seconds to send an SMS message. You can speed this up by attaching more than one module to your computer. If you have two phones attached to send messages, you get twice the speed. Of course there is an option to switch to IP SMS technology seamlessly if the capacity of standard GSM phones are insufficient.
Integrated Microsoft Excel SupportYou can use the built-in Excel support of Ozeki SMS. This allows you to send your SMS messages directly from Excel, simply by pressing a button. This feature is created with an Excel Macro that loads all the messages into the server and uses your Excel worksheet as the addressbook.
MS Outlook SupportYou can use an Outlook plugin or you can use a standard e-mail client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook Express) to send SMS messages. If you have a computer network, equipped with several clients, this option provides a comfortable way to add SMS-messaging using your existing e-mail infrastructure.
Remote User InterfaceIf you have Ozeki Message Server installed on one of the computers in your office, you can install its remote user interface to other computers in your network. The remote user interface makes it possible to send and receive messages by anyone who has a user name and a password configured on the server.

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