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SMS usage examples

SMS for Television and Radio Stations

In the media market interactivity is becoming more important to attract more viewers and listeners for television and radio programmes. In this field premium rate SMS messages propose a possibility to create a large income. The viewers of the TV program can share their ideas using SMS messages that are displayed either on the teletext screen or as a sliding ticker on the bottom of the screen. This way the program becomes more attractive. It is a good tool to make interactive surveys about different questions as well.

IT security monitoring

With a few simple scripts   IT service reliability can be improved.  with the help of the  Ozeki  Message Server. For example a script can be created to execute a command received in an SMS messages. This can be used to ping desktop computers, servers and  other entities in the computer network of the company. If the monitored network connection or the computer hardware fails, the system administrator can take proper action. Ozeki Message server can also be configured to send SMS alerts if certain conditions occur. After the alert, the person receiving it can acknowledge that he has read the message. If no acknowledgement is received another person can be   notified. This way the time it takes to detect and solve the problems is reduced. This IT security monitoring solution  is used by a number of those small and medium size companies where a 24-hour IT supervision is not available.

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