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A message in Ozeki 10 is a data package going through a connection. Messages can either be thrown away or forwarded through a connection to the outside world. A message can contain any type of file including pictures and sounds. You can find messages in the inbox and outbox folder of each connection. A casual message in Ozeki 10 travels from inbox to outbox.

Messages are routed according to Ozeki 10's routing table. You can read about message routing on this page.

There is no size limit of a single message going through Ozeki 10. The size limit only depends on outside world entities, for example the capacity of your webserver. As for SMS messages 160 character is the limit for a normal SMS message and 70 character is the limit for an unicode SMS message. Longer texts are splitted to multiple messages and concatenated by the recipient's phone. If you scroll down, you can see how does a message going through Ozeki 10 look like.

Ozeki 10 has a standard message structure:
- from address: The address of an outside world sender.
- from connection: The inbox of this connection has received the message from the outside world.
- data content: The content of the message.
- to connection: The outbox of this connection will send the message to a recipient.
- to address: The address of the recipient in the outside world. If it is not provided, the message will be forwarded to a default address, but only if the default address of the connection can be set.

The first example is a simple connection between a button wired to a microcontroller and an SMTP server, which makes you capable to send e-mails with a press of a button (Figure 1). Read more about Ozeki Sensor Gateway on the following page.

Figure 1 - The structure of a message generated by a button press

The second message example has a similar structure. If an SMS is received by your GSM modem, it is automatically forwarded to your SMS Wall (Figure 2). Jump to this page to read more about Ozeki SMS Wall.

Figure 2 - The structure of a message projected on your SMS Wall

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