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Send SMS from C# API

You can see on a few screenshots how easily you can send SMS messages with C# SMS API projects running them in your C# IDE. Try to connect the projects to Ozeki SMS Gateway's SMPP server and send SMS messages with an Ozeki 10 user. For example a Standard User.

Start the video

Download: CsNETDll_v3.zip (Figure 1) and
open the ...\CsNETDll_v3\SMSDemo directory to run SMSDemo.sln in your C# IDE.

Download Example File
Figure 1 - Download Example File

Open in Visual Studio
Figure 2 - Open 'SMSDemo.sln' by using Microsoft Visual Studio

Enable SMPP in SMS Gateway
Figure 3 - Enable the SMPP server of Ozeki SMS Gateway

Modify Port
Figure 4 - Change the port number of the SMPP server

Create User
Figure 5 - Install any type of user in Ozeki SMS Gateway

Provide Login Data
Figure 6 - Set login data for the SMPP server by providing the user credentials in 'Program.cs'

Start Project
Figure 7 - Start 'SMSDemoConsole' project in the C# integrated development environment

Sending Message from Console
Figure 8 - The console application sends SMS message from console

Message Sent
Figure 9 - The message sent event logs of the user you have been connected to in Ozeki SMS Gateway

Set SMSDemo as Startup Project
Figure 10 - Set 'SMSDemo' as StartUp Project

Start SMSDemo
Figure 11 - Start 'SMSDemo' project

Connect to SMS Gateway
Figure 12 - Connect to Ozeki SMS Gateway's SMPP server

Send Test Message
Figure 13 - Send test message from the C# GUI of the 'SMSDemo' project

Message Sent
Figure 14 - The message sent event logs in Ozeki SMS Gateway

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