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Look at simple solutions how to build different automated systems for your needs. You can wire your Ozeki 10 connections together by creating simple codes in C# or using the routing table. Connection codes can be written on the Robot Controller GUI and the routing table can be defined from Ozeki 10's Control Panel. You can decide which option to use.

Automatic Email messaging
Your favorite e-mail SMTP server can be added to send e-mails from Ozeki 10. You will see how to send e-mails with a simple C# code running on Ozeki Robot controller. You can forward messages from any connection to any e-mail address. You can program your ideas to select and forward messages.
Easily send Emails with Ozeki Robot Controller
Collect sensor data
Analog sensors collect information from the environment. Ozeki 10 helps you store these information to any kind of database including MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL. Route your sensor to the database by using Ozeki 10's Control Panel. For example temperature, light, sound, soil moisture sensors are supported.
Store your analog sensor data in a database
Barrier control systems
There are many ways to implement an automatic barrier control system. You can control the barrier with RFID/NFC card, using a camera to detect the plate number of the car to open it, or simply can create a VoIP phone controlled one. Ozeki 10 makes it easier to create these systems.
Read about automatic barrier control systems
C-3PO the Master Teacher
See how to build a robot that can be used for teaching. The robot is built from a PEZ Candy Dispenser. It can understand speech and talk. The robot asks questions, and if the answer is correct it gives a candy. If the answer was wrong, it tells you the correct answer, but keeps the PEZ dispenser closed.
C-3PO teaches basic maths to children
DTMF keypress detection
You can see how to generate automatic responses by calling your SIP account connection. Run a simple C# code on your Robot Controller to do this. Even if you never learned how to program, you can copy-paste the code from this tutorial and see how to create IVR responses.
Create IVR responses to DTMF signals
Plant watering system
Automatic plant watering keeps your plants healthy. You can be anywhere doing anything, Ozeki will automatically water your plants. By installing Ozeki on a computer and by placing plant watering modules in your garden or home, you can watch your plants grow. What if your plants could be independent from rain? Whenever the soil gets dry, plants can be watered automatically.
See how to water your plants with Ozeki 10
Smart relay
A relay is an electrically operated mechanical switch. Relays are used where it is necessary to control a high-power circuit by a separate low-power signal. A relay becomes smart if some kind of computing device controls it. Here you can learn how to build a smart relay. By installing Ozeki 10 on your Raspberry Pi, you can control the relay over the internet.
See how to control a relay with Ozeki 10

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