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Gmail connection

It is the most popular, free to register and easy to use Email solution you can find. With Ozeki 10 it is possible to send Emails to anyone by just connecting to the SMTP server of Gmail. In these instructions I will show you how to connect your Gmail account to Ozeki 10.

SMTP is an Internet communication protocol used to send and relay an email message between email servers. It is not used to retrieve email messages from a server. You will be able to send Emails to anyone from Ozeki 10's Gmail connection. You can see how to connect in 3 simple steps.

STEP 1: Allow less secure apps
STEP 2: Connect your Gmail to Ozeki 10
STEP 3: Test it on Ozeki Robot Controller


  • Any Gmail account you can use
  • Ozeki 10 installed on your computer

How to connect your Gmail account

First login to your Gmail account with a username and password pair. Do not get confused if you do not know your password, since gmail provides plenty of options to retrieve it. On the top right corner you will see your profile picture. You will need to click on it and click 'My Account' (Figure 1).

Open your gmail account
Figure 1 - Open your gmail account

Step 1: Allow less secure apps

This is really important so applications not verified by google can access your gmail account. First you should click 'Device activity & security events' (Figure 2).

Gmail security events
Figure 2 - Gmail security events

Scroll down almost to the bottom and click 'Allow less secure apps' (Figure 3). It should be instantly activated.

Allow less secure apps
Figure 3 - Allow less secure apps

Step 2: Connect your Gmail to Ozeki 10

Now you can login to your Ozeki 10 account, so you can connect to Gmail's SMTP server.

To create the connection start the Control Panel (Figure 4).

Start Control Panel
Figure 4 - Start Control Panel

In the Control Panel click 'Create new connection' and select 'Messaging' (Figure 5)

Click Create new connection
Figure 5 - Click 'Create new connection' and select 'Messaging'

From the next options, please select 'E-mail' (Figure 6).

Click Create new connection
Figure 6 - Select 'E-mail'

Now you can choose from SMTP or Gmail. Both are basicly SMTP, but you should choose 'Gmail' (Figure 7).

Click Create new connection
Figure 7 - Select 'Gmail'

The only thing you should fill out is your gmail account and password.
After clicking 'Ok', you should see it connected. A green dot should appear left to it (Figure 8).

Click Create new connection
Figure 8 - Fill the connection form and click 'Ok'

Step 3: Test it on Ozeki Robot Controller

Jump to Ozeki Robot Controller by starting it from the desktop (Figure 6)

Use your gmail with Robot Controller
Figure 9 - Start Robot Controller from the browser GUI

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