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Installation of ODBC database drivers

Almost every database server has an ODBC driver, that makes connection to it possible. In this document we explain the basic steps of connecting the Ozeki SMS gateway  to a database server. In the example the MySQL ODBC driver is used. The MySQL ODBC driver is an excellent way to connect to MySQL database servers.

To install a MySQL ODBC connection, first you need to download and install the MySQL ODBC driver from the following URL:


This ODBC driver is called: MyODBC. After the driver has been installed, the ODBC adminstrator (Sometimes Data Sources) form needs to be opened using the "Administrative Tools" in the control panel (Figure 1.)

Figure 1 - Opening the ODBC administrator.

In the ODBC datasource administrator form you can click on the Add button, and select that driver,  you want to install.
(In our case we need to choose MySQL ODBC driver) (Figure 2).

Figure 2 - selecting the MyODBC driver.

When the driver is selected a custom (ODBC driver specific) configuration comes up. On this custom configuration form please enter the appropriate connection information (Figure 3.)

Figure 3 - Custom ODBC driver configuration form.

After the  ODBC driver has been installed and configurated. We need to open the Ozeki Message Server Manager Interface, to configure the newly created ODBC Data source. In the Ozeki Message Server Manager, please install the database plugin. (Figure 4.) 

Figure 4 - database plugin installation.

After installation, you need to click on the database plugin 1 configuration link , that brings up the configuration form. On this form  you have to click on the Connection information tab. On this tab  please enter the following ADO connection string:

Driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};Server=localhost;Database=ozekisms;User=root;Password=abc123;Option=4;


Figure 5. - Building the database connection


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