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User Interface

Ozeki Message Server has a user interface, that makes it possible to use and manage the server over the computer network. This means that you can connect to the server from the Internet or from your Office LAN using the following tools.

Server monitor 
The Ozeki Message Server Monitor provides information about the status of the Message Engine. It is a taskbar icon application. If the message engine works properly, the taskbar icon signals green, if the message engine stops it turns into red.
Server manager 
The Message Server Manager is the main user interface of the application. It can be used to configure the service, to send/receive messages, to maintain the addressbook and to get information from the server real time.
Ozeki Client 
The Ozeki SMS client is similar to any e-mail client, that communicates with a server. It can be used in your office network to enable your colleagues to send and receive SMS messages from their desktop computers using a central server.
Internet Explorer Client 
You have an opportunity to send an SMS messages from the Internet Explorer. O pen a browser,  type the server URL in browser, then press Enter. After pressing enter you have to log in the Message Server.
Outlook/Outlook Express Client 
The Outlook configuration makes it possible to connect to the Ozeki Message Server. You should create a new e-mail account and specify the Ozeki Message Server account's datas, IP address and the communication  ports.

 Excel Client 
Excel - SMS enables you to send a large number of SMS messages from Microsoft Excel, if you have attached a cellphone to your PC with a phone-to-PC data cable.You can send messages according to the following steps:
1.  Create a list of mobile phone numbers and messages,
2.  Open the Excel file with the SMS Macro (sms.xls),
3.  Configure the SMS Macro,
4.  Send the messages by pressing the "Send all" button

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