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SMS - E-mail forwarding

On my servers I have HP insight manager installed. They send me email notifications of problems with the server. I want to use your software to forward the error messages to 3 separate mobiles. can this be achieved with your software? How can I do this if it is possible?

The solution is: SMS - E-mail forwarding

Please follow these steps to set up such a service:

Step 1.) Create a POP3 e-mail account on your e-mail server.
e.g.: smsalert@mcgrath.com.au, user: smsalert, pass: wpsd

Step 2.) Download the latest version of Ozeki Message Server 6 from the following URL:

Step 3.) Install the software and in the Ozeki Server Manager install the POP3 Notifier plugin from the Plugins / Install plugins menu. (please note that this plugin is only available in version v6.2.0.4 or later)

Step 4.) In the POP3 notifier plugin configuration form specify your POP3 e-mail account (smsalert@mcgrath.com.au, user: smsalert, pass: wpsd), and the 3 destination phone numbers.

Step 5.) Install and configure a GSM modem driver.

After this setup Ozeki Message Server 6 will download the incoming e-mail messages periodically from your POP3 e-mail server and send their subject to the configured phone numbers.

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