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.jar files in wappush SMS

Question: Our aim is to send a self-installing application (.jar) to mobile phones. We would like that people receive the application and install it on their phones. We know that  MMS is not worth it please would you mind to give us the basics of wappush and do you know any limitation about this use of that technology?

Answer:  For this task you need to use the "WAP PUSH" technology. This works the following way: you upload your .jar file to a webserver, then you send a WAP PUSH SMS message containing the HTTP link to the destination phone.

To send a WAP PUSH SMS, please select the "SMS:WAPPUSH:application/vnd.wap.sic" in Ozeki Message Server when you compose your message. The following webpage tells you how this can be done:

When you click on the "Example" button, you will be presented with this XML:

 <indication href="http://wap.yahoo.com/" action="signal-high">
  A WAP Push Yahoo!

In this XML replace "http://wap.yahoo.com/" to the URL pointing to your JAR and replace the text "A WAP Push Yahoo!" to any text you like.

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