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Check and add stores to Ozeki Installer

All products that available in Ozeki installer come from a store where these applications were uploaded and shared. You can easily check these stores, and if you want to see new apps from another store, you have the opportunity to add a new store by just a few clicks.

Take a look at how easy you can manage your stores!

As it was mentioned before, Ozeki Installer offers applicaitons from all stores that was associated with Ozeki Installer. You can easily check these stores and it is not a problem if you want to add a new store to your list, you can do it by just a few simple clicks. To check the current stores of your Ozeki Installer, just click on the Advanced icon on the toolbar, as Figure 1 shows it.

Figure 1 - Check all available stores

Here, there is a list of all stores that provide you all products in Ozeki Installer. Every store has got a name and an Url. The Test Store column indicated that the store is for testing or commercial purposes. If you would like to add a new store to your list (Figure 2), all you have to do first, is just to click on the Create new Store button.

Figure 2 - List of available stores

After you clicked on the create button, the creation panel will show up, where you have to type two things, that will identify the added store (Figure 3). The first one is the name, here you can type anything you want, but it is recommended to use a unique name to separate the stores from each other. The second label is the Url that you have to fill, here you need to write the Url address of the store. This address will indicate your Ozeki Installer from where to download the applications to the main list. When you have done all these things, just click on OK to add the store to your list.

Figure 3 - Add a new store to your list

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