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On-line manual:
  Explore all the features in this On-line HTML documentation of Ozeki Message Server 6.

Product guide:
  Download Ozeki Message Server 6 Manual in PDF format. This PDF guide explains all the features of Ozeki Message Server 6.
Ozeki Message Server 6
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Appendix "A8" - Message types - Barcode


A barcode is a machine-readable representation of information in a visual format on a surface. Originally, barcodes stored data in the widths and spacings of printed parallel lines, but today they also come in patterns of dots, concentric circles, and hidden in images. Barcodes can be read by optical scanners called barcode readers or scanned from an image by special software. Barcodes are widely used to implement Auto ID Data Capture (AIDC) systems that improve the speed and accuracy of computer data entry.
A linear barcode is a binary code (1s and 0s). The lines and spaces are of varying thicknesses and printed in different combinations. To be scanned, there must be accurate printing and adequate contrast between the bars and spaces. Scanners employ various technologies to "read" codes. The two most common are lasers and cameras. Scanners may be fixed in position, like most supermarket checkout scanners, or hand-held devices, often used for the taking of inventories.
Barcodes are an essential part of modern civilization. Their use is widespread, and the technology behind barcodes is constantly improving. They are used by department stores, rental car companies, airlines, fashion designers etc.

Support for barcodes in Ozeki Message Server 6

Our software supports barcodes in SMS or MMS format.
The system operates in the following way:

  1. You send a text message with message type \"SMS:PICTUREMESSAGE:BARCODE:EAN8\" to Ozeki Message Server 6 through one of the API-s or using the graphical user interface.
  2. The text message contains 8 numbers.
  3. The software creates an EAN8 format bar code based on the first 8 numbers in the text message.
  4. This barcode is sent as an SMS or MMS to the recipient phone.

How to send barcode SMS

In order to send barcode SMS, download the latest version of Ozeki Message Server 6 at the following link: Download Ozeki Software Products
This version includes two features:

  • You can send barcodes to mobile phones in SMS.
  • You can send barcodes to mobile phones in MMS messages.

To send a barcode, all you have to do is select one of the following message types in the SMS composer form, and enter 8 or 13 numbers plus any text message into the composer:


The following webpage gives you an example on how you can find the message type selection option: How to send SMS messages of various types?

Please note that to send barcodes in MMS, you have to configure the MMS settings in the GSM modem driver preferences form.

You can use the barcode messsage types from any API. For example, you can use the database plugin to send a barcode message. In this case all you have to do is specify the \"SMS:PICTUREMESSAGE:BARCODE:EAN8\" message type or the \"MMS:BARCODE:EAN8\" message type in the msgtype field in your ozekimessageout table. More information about the database plugin can be found at: SMS API for Database developers (SQL)

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