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Wavecom Fastrack

Wavecom manufactures fast and reliable modems. One of the devices we have tested and highly recommend is the Wavecom Fastrack M1306B GSM modem. You can buy this hardware in our office: Victor Hugo u. 18-22., Budapest, Hungary 1132. The product can also be purchased by mail order, provided the price is transfered to our bank account in advance.

Wavecom Fastrack M1306B

Product Overview

Wavecom Fastrack M1306 can be used for many SMS based applications. It is a rugged cellular modem offering GSM/GPRS connectivity to machine to machine applications. Smaller than the former generation Wavecom Fastrack M1206B modem and updated with new features, the M1306B now offers 2 general purpose input/output access points and a serial auto-shutdown feature enabling energy conservation. Fully certified, the dual band 900/1800 Mhz Fastrack M1306B offers GPRS class 10 capability and supports a powerful open software platform (Open AT) enabling cost-effective designs to be achieved and capable of hosting any industrial or IT protocol. The Fastrack is controlled by firmware through a set of AT commands.

Product features

  • EGSM 900/1800MHz
  • Supports voice / data / fax / SMS (text and PDU modes) / GPRS class 10
  • OpenAT capable for embedded applications
  • Optional TCP/IP stack permitting direct UDP/TCP connectivity and POP3/SMTP/FTP services.
  • 3V SIM Interface
  • 15-pin sub-D connector for voice and RS-232 serial interface
  • Fully type-approved
  • 25mm shorter than M1206B predecessor
  • Serial port shutdown power saving feature
  • Two general-purpose input/output pins built into Molex power connector

    Product details

    Band: Dual-band EGSM900/1800 MHz
    Dimensions: 73x54x25mm
    Weight: 82g
    5.5 to 32v DC
    14mA in idle mode with no RS232 communication @ 5.5VDC, 31mA in idle mode with active RS232 communication at 5.5VDC.

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