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Maestro 100

The Maestro 100 modem is a very reliable GSM device for SMS messaging. The characteristics of the Maestro 100 are largely identical with those of the Maestro 20. The major differnece is that it is faster and supports GPRS connectivity. You can buy this hardware in our office. The product can also be purchased by mail order, provided the price is transfered to our bank account in advance.

Maestro 100

Product overview

It is a ready-to-use GSM modem for voice, data, fax and SMS services. It also supports Class 10 for high speed data transfer. Fargo Maestro 100 can be easily controlled by using AT commands for all kinds of operations. With standard 9-pin RS232 port and telephone-like audio plug (via optional cable) Maestro 20 can be set up with minimal effort. It can be quickly connected to the serial port of a desktop or notebook computer. Maestro's metal casing makes it an appropriate solution for tough applications such as Telemetry or Wireless Local Loop (payphones). Its small size makes it simple to integrate in a space restraint environment. With one programmable I/O port for connection with external devices.

Technical information:

  • Dualband GSM 900/1800 Mhz
  • Supports Data / SMS / Voice /Fax
  • Max Power Output: 2W (900 Mhz), 1 W (1800 Mhz)
  • Group 3 FAX support (Class 2)
  • GPRS Class B, Class 10 (2Rx+1Tx)
  • SimToolKit Class 2
  • AT command set (GSM 07.05, GSM 07.07 and WAVECOM proprietary)
  • TCP/IP stack available for data and Internet on Maestro 100 (optional and upon request)
  • Maximum baud rate setting: 115200 bps (Using it, MMS messaging can be faster than using Maestro 100.)

    SMS features:

  • Text and PDU
  • Point to point (MT/MO)
  • Cell Broadcast
  • UCS2 character set management
  • Supports Chinese SMS

    Power requirement:

  • Input Voltage: 5V to 32V DC
  • Current Comsumption: (@5V)

    GSM 900*310mA
    GSM 1800#240mA
    GPRS 900 CL 10*520mA
    GPRS 1800 CL 10#390mA
    Idle mode35mA

    (* communication mode PCL=5
    # communication mode PCL=0)

    Intarface onnections:

  • SIM holder
  • 15 pin Sub-D connector (serial and audio connection)
  • 4-pin power supply connector
  • SMA antenna connector


  • Overall size: 88 mm x 60 mm x 26 mm
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Temperature range: -15�C to +50�C operating, -20�C to +65�C storage

    Optional accessories:

  • GSM antenna 900 / 1800 Mhz
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • RS232 / Audio cable

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