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SMS for Linux: Multiple devices support
This page describes how to install more then one GSM device to operate simultaneously.

First you need to install the Ozeki SMS for Linux software package. After installation you have the following two files on your file system:

By editing the /etc/smsconf.ini, you can change the settings of the first GSM device. To attach a second GMS device, you must make a copy of /etc/smsconf.ini . You may use the following command: cp /etc/smsconf.ini /etc/smsconf2.ini

After you have made a new copy, open the newly created file with an editor (vi /etc/smsconf2.ini). Make sure you change the serial port to reflect the port, your second device is attached to and modify the spool directory setting to point to a different folder than the one you have used for the first device (e.g.: /var/sms2 is a good option).

deviceFile = /dev/ttyS1
speed = 9600
#speed = 19200
conntype = 8N1
init1= AT+CNMI=0,0,0,0,1
init2= AT+CPMS="ME","ME"

phoneNumber = +36303317467
serviceCenter = +36309888000

spool = /var/sms2

When this is done, you can start a second instance of the application by issuing the following command:

/usr/bin/ozksmsd /etc/smsconf2.ini

If you use the sms2sql gateway, you need to modify the script to use the new spool directory (/var/sms2)

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