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How to establish your reliable, automated voice broadcasting system

In our information-centered world quick and responsible information has value. That is why all corporate and organization needs a completely reliable and fast communication system to or keep in touch with clients. The most genuine and efficient way to effect to your clients is speach. You can reach wide range of people by phone. But it can be pretty expensive and time-consuming. But you are interested in pay attention to your costs. Though you choose to advertising you business, or your product, below you can find a really valueable solution for this problem.

You can get more customers than ever for your business in the shortest time if you use Ozeki Bulk Messenger for making your calls. In this way you can save time on calling thousands of people by phone because this software dials even thousands of phone numbers automatically and what's more..! It saves your money too because it does not need extra-investment on creating a brand new system to work. There are variaty ways to build it in to your corporate IT system: it is possible to connect it to your existing telephone system. In this way you do not need extra money- investment on establishing a stable, effective voice broadcasting system. Below you can find some alternative on how to built up Ozeki Bulk Messenger Studio to your system.

Build up your automated voice call system

Option #1: You can use a VoIP telephone adapter

A VoIP telephone adapter is a hardware device that can be connected to your ethernet LAN or to your computer. It makes it possible for Ozeki Bulk Messenger running on your computer to dial telephone calls. There are VoIP telephone adapters for GSM lines, for standard analog telephone lines and for ISDN lines. When you put this hardware on your Ethernet LAN, it will receive an IP address. You need to configure this IP address in Ozeki Bulk Messenger to be able to make voice telephone calls through the device. You can see this solution on Figure 1.

Figure 1 - Connection with VoIp telephone adapter

Option #2: You can use a SIP Account provided by Internet based VoIP telephone provider

VoIP telephone service providers offer a telephone service over the Internet. They can forward calls to traditional telephone networks and to Internet users signed up to their network(Figure 2). There are many VoIP telephone service providers out there. When you sign up for their service, you will receive a SIP account (an IP address, a username and a password, plus some other details). To make voice calls from Ozeki Bulk Messenger you need to configure the SIP account details in the administration screen.

Figure 2 - Connection via SIP account

Option #3: You can use your existing office PBX if it is a VoIP system

If your office has an IP telephone system, you can connect Ozeki Bulk Messenger to it through the office LAN. Ozeki Bulk Messenger can log in with a SIP account to the PBX and it can make telephone calls just like any other office desktop phone would. This is a good choice if you have already invested in IP telephony, because in this case you don't need to have a dedicated telephone line for outbound voice telephone calls made by Ozeki Bulk Messenger.

Figure 3 - Connection to your existing corporate PBX

You can select one connection possibility from the mentioned above. You can choose the fittest one for your corporate system. In this way you save money on developing your system to the most profession level, and on the other hand you save time on calling people. This time can be spent to other important activities.

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