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How to use authentication providers
in Ozeki Bulk Messenger software

User authentication is the process for determining the successful username and password combinations. You can set the administrator login details when installing Ozeki Bulk Messenger. Discover multiple ways to authenticate users. Authentication providers know the username, password pairs available, so they can compare the user input of the login window with the list of available logins. Every time a user logs in, Ozeki Bulk Messenger can authenticate the user through the following authentication providers:

  1. Standard
    The standard authentication provider is included in Ozeki Bulk Messenger. The first user added to the standard authentication provider is the administrator, who is added through the installation of Ozeki Bulk Messenger. You can always add, modify or delete users in Ozeki Bulk Messenger. The administrator can be modified as well. Additionally you can add a profile photo to every user by uploading or taking a webcamera picture.

  2. HTTP
    Users can be authenticated by sending the login hash through a HTTP request. The HTTP request is sent to the HTTP server when you click 'Ok' on the login screen. The server responds in a HTTP response to show if the user has been authenticated. If the correct response is received Ozeki Bulk Messenger will let the user enter the software GUI.

  3. Database
    Ozeki Bulk Messenger can authenticate users by searching them in your SQL database. After logging in a query is sent to your SQL server. The password is hashed to build up a safer authentication. Example query:
    SELECT * FROM user
    WHERE Password = PASSWORD("${password}") and User="${username}";

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