Introduction to Ozeki Cluster

What is Cluster software?

The cluster software makes it possible to set up servers in a clustered configuration. The multiple servers work together with the same operating systems and applications. The cluster software solution provides continuous service availability, protects users against downtime and prevents data loss.

What is Ozeki Cluster software?

Ozeki Cluster is a software that can move a service to another computer in case of hardware failure. It can also synchronize files and directories when the two servers are healthy. This is a great tool you can use to build a reliable fault tolerant system from multiple servers.

1.) Faster than DNS redirects
2.) Works automatically (24/7)
3.) Supports any Windows service
4.) Keeps your files safe

Supported OS:
windows Windows 10,8,7
windows Windows Server 2019
windows Windows Server 2016
windows Windows Server 2012
windows Windows Server 2008

To operate, Ozeki Cluster has to be installed on both the live and the backup server. Every 10 seconds the two servers ping each other to find out if the other server is on-line. If one of the computers find out the other one is not accessible, it alerts the system administrators using e-mail, sms or voice calls. If the primary server fails, the software starts the configured service(s) on the backup node.

Ozeki Cluster can perform the following tasks automatically: