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Universal Messaging

   Ozeki 10
Az amazing universal messaging system, for humans and devices. It is a fantastic tool for creating high performance business messaging solutions. It can also be used for controlling robots and industrial equipment.
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SMS text messaging (high performance)

   Ozeki NG SMS Gateway
An amazing high performance SMS gateway for businesses and service providers.
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   Ozeki Cluster
Ozeki Cluster automatically starts your SMS services on your backup server in case the hardware brakes down.
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Voice and Video over IP

   Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK
Gives you the tools to develop Voice over IP (VoIP) and real time 2D/3D Video calling applications in C#.Net.
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   Ozeki Camera SDK
Enables you to capture and process the video frames of USB and network cameras. Offers computer vision.
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   Ozeki Phone System XE
VoIP PBX system for Windows with great APIs for developers, and super out of the box features.
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SMS text messaging

   Ozeki Bulk Messenger
Professional Bulk SMS, E-mail and Voice Call System. It allows you to import your contacts from various sources.
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   Ozeki Message Server 6
An easy to use SMS software. It allows you to send/receive SMS the same way you would send/receive e-mail.
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   Ozeki SMS Wall
You can use Ozeki SMS Wall to display SMS messages with a projector. Lets your audiance ask questions on conferences.
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   Android SMS gateway
An excellent tool to turn your Android smartphone into an SMS service provider. It provides SMPP IP SMS service.
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   Ozeki Terminal
Very efficient tool to communicate with hardware devices, such Arduinos and GSM modems over the serial port.
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Bob-E is an amazing Virtual Reality (VR) Remote Presence Robot, with head tracking and an amazing 3D vision system.

   Bob-E Mini
Bob-E Mini is a super fast VR Robot Camera, that offers head tracking and 3D vision capabilities.


   Sierra SMS Modem
This SMS Modem works with all Ozeki SMS products. It can be connected to the PC with a USB cable.
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   Ozeki VoIP GSM Gateway
Allows you to connect your VoIP software with the GSM network to make voice calls to mobile phones
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   Ozeki Matrix
The Ozeki Matrix is a compact grid of Processing Modules containing microcontrollers. index.php?owpn=1472
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