You can download the latest version of Ozeki Bulk Messenger by clicking on the link below. After download, you need to unzip it and run the installer in the zip package.

Version:Ozeki Bulk Messenger v1.0.155
Updated: 2020.10.27.
Download:  (70.0 MB) 
  1. New feature (SMPP user): On the SMPP user s config form, in the Advanced tab page in the delivery report group box you can select Hex formatted submit reporting. If you enable this option, the SMS submit reports returned to incoming SMS messages to your SMPP customers, will be in Hex format. Note that the delivery reports will contain the format as Integer numbers.
  2. Improvement (Delivery reports): Some SMPP providers return the submit reference in Hex format and the reference in the delivery report is sent by them in int format. Our previous SMS gateway, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway were able to handle this setup, it could match delivery reports in this case. This functionality was added to the SMPP client connections in Ozeki 10. If you use SMPP SMS connections in this product, and you experienced problems with delivery reports, this fix will solve the problem.
  3. Improvement (Password form): The appearance of the password change form is improved
  4. Bug fix (Memory leak): Another memory leak was discovered, that could impact long term operations. This is fixed.
Version:Ozeki Bulk Messenger v1.0.151
Updated: 2020.10.26.
  1. New feature (Automatic updates): Automatic updates are available from this version on.
  2. New feature (Chat): If P2P communication is used availabilty of remote parties are handled more efficiently
  3. Improvement (Logging): The overall quality of log entries have been improved. Several meaningless leg entries were removed from the logging system.
  4. Improvement (Text to speech): The text to speech capability is improved. Now individual browsers and browser tab pages can be address to read out text.
  5. Improvement (Database reporting): The reporting system (e.g. reporting database) is not recording suplementary messages.
  6. Bug fix (Memory): A memory leak was discovered. It is fixed.
  7. Bug fix (Stability): An unexpected exception could occur during heavy network, that could cause the Ozeki service to stop unexpectedly. This bug is fixed.
  8. Bug fix (GUI): In cases of parallel GUI access some GUI components were duplicated on the screen. This bug is fixed.
Version:Ozeki Bulk Messenger v1.0.144
Updated: 2020.10.23.
  1. New feature (Installer): The Ozeki installer that allows easy updates are included in this package.
  2. New feature (P2P): The P2P file exchange feature is improved.
  3. Bug fix (Stability): The service could stop unexpectadly in previous version. This bug is fixed.
Version:Ozeki Bulk Messenger v1.0.139
Updated: 2020.10.21.
  1. Improvement (Diagnostic): The system has been moved to different product to save resources.
  2. Bug fix: (Memory leek bug has been fixed.)
  3. Bug fix: (The messages could get stuck in the outbox folder. This bug is fixed.)
  4. Bug fix: (User interface bugs has been fixed.)
Version:Ozeki Bulk Messenger v1.0.136
Updated: 2020.10.14.
  1. Improvement (Message throughput performance improvement.)
Version:Ozeki Bulk Messenger v1.0.132
Updated: 2020.10.08.
  1. Improvement (Message throughput performance improvement.)
  2. Improvement (Delivery report registry): The storage model for the delivery report registry was changed to support large number of entries.
Version:Ozeki Bulk Messenger v1.0.92
Updated: 2020.07.05.
  1. Improvement (Standalone installer): The Ozeki Bulk Messenger got a standalone installer. Previously it could only be installed from the Ozeki Store. This installer saves you several clicks.
Version:Ozeki Dialer v2.4.1
  1. Bugfix: Bugfix in call transfer function.
Version:Ozeki Dialer v2.4.0
  1. Performance improvement: 50 simultaneous calls can be initiated
  2. Performance improvement: 1 000 000 phone numbers can be added to the list
  3. New feature: call transfer request on DTMF keypress
Version:Ozeki Dialer v2.3.0
  1. Minor bugfixes
  2. New feature: It is possible to indicate that ringing time is over and there is no answer.
Version:Ozeki Dialer v2.2.0
  1. Minor bugfixes
  2. Improvement: It is possible to initiate more calls simultaneously which can improve performance
Version:Ozeki Dialer v2.1.0
  1. Visual improvements (the progressbar displays exact percentage in numbers as well)
  2. Minor bugfixes on the Graphical User Interface
Version:Ozeki Dialer v2.0.0
  1. Signifacant performance improvement in the sending service
  2. Improved GUI to handle lists with 100 000+ records.
Version:Ozeki Dialer v1.1.6
  1. Improvement: It is possible to customize the time for how long phone numbers are rung.
  2. Improvement has been made in call transfer functionality.
Version:Ozeki Dialer v1.1.5
  1. In this version of Ozeki Autodialer Studio the compatibility with the following PBXs has been highly improved:
    • FreePBX
    • Kamailio
    • OpenSIPS
    • Cisco Unified CM
    • Freeswitch
    • Trixbox
    • SIPX
  2. This new release supports STUN and TURN protocols to further improve NAT compatibility.
  3. Extended codec support has been added:
    • iLBC
    • G722
    • G729
    • SPEEX
    • GSM
Version:Ozeki Dialer v1.1.4
  1. Improved PBX support: FreePBX support has been tested and improved
  2. Speex codec support has been improved.
Version:Ozeki Dialer v1.1.3
  1. This version of Ozeki Autodialer Studio ensures faster connection to the PBX via NAT.
  2. Speex codec support is also included into this release.
Version:Ozeki Dialer v1.1.2
  1. NAT support is included: outgoing calls can be made behind NAT network.
  2. Call transfer support is included: calls can be transferred by a DTMF signal.
Version:Ozeki Dialer v1.1.1
  1. Improvement: In Settings menu you can set which network adapter you wish to use in Ozeki Autodialer Studio.
  2. Improved VoIP to PSTN gateway autodetection.
  3. More detailed Help file for easier configuration.
Version:Ozeki Dialer v1.1.0
  1. Support for unlimited simultaneous calls on one SIP account. This feature is very useful, if you have one VoIP account, and your VoIP service provider offers multiple call options (most VoIP service providers do).
  2. Improved PBX support: Asterisk, Cisco, 3CX and other corporate PBX systems have been tested with this new version and it works with all systems.
Version:Ozeki Dialer v1.0.0
Changes:We are proud to introduce the first official release of the Ozeki Autodialer Studio. This installation package allows you to make calls automatically from your Windows PC through a telephone line. The installation package contains the following components:
  1. Ozeki Autodialer Studio
  2. VoIP to PSTN support
  3. VoIP PBX support
  4. VoIP telephone adapter support

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