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Version:Ozeki SDK v1.6.9
Updated: 2017.04.21.
Download:  (144.0 MB) 
Ozeki_SDK_1.6.9_Linux.deb  (108.6 MB) 
Ozeki_SDK_1.6.9_armhf.deb  (64.8 MB) 
  1. Improvement in VideoViewer class: It is possible to disable the context menu from this version.
  2. Bugfix in sending Contact ID messages.
  3. Bugfix in managing camera stream profiles.
  4. Bugfix in handling resources.
Version:Ozeki SDK v1.6.8
Updated: 2017.03.20.
Download:  (136.1 MB) 
Ozeki_SDK_1.6.8_Linux.deb  (91.7 MB) 
Ozeki_SDK_1.6.8_armhf.deb  (49.0 MB) 
  1. Improvement in RTSP handling.
  2. Improvement in connecting to mjpeg streams.
  3. Bugfix in the Attended transfer function.
  4. Bugfix in the UDP TransportType of the DirectIpPhoneLine.
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.6.7
Updated: 2017.02.23.
Download:  (137.1 MB) 
Ozeki_SDK_1.6.7_Linux.deb  (62.2 MB) 
Ozeki_SDK_1.6.7_armhf.deb  (50.0 MB) 
  1. Bugfix in escaping characters in SIP headers.
  2. Bugfix in webcamera recorder. Now it is possible to record videos longer than 30 minutes.
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.6.6
Updated: 2017.02.08.
  1. Bugfixed memory leak in ComputerVision examples.
  2. Bugfix at moving calls between different ConferenceRoom objects.
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.6.5
Updated: 2017.01.31.
  1. From version 1.6.5 Ozeki SDK requires .NET 4.5.2
  2. Improvement: RResource decompression became faster and its CPU usage decreased.
  3. Bugfix in Direct IP phone call. In case of UDP transport type the port is now released after Direct IP phone call.
  4. Bugfix in RTSP connectivity.
  5. Bugfix in Camera URL Builder component.
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.6.4
Updated: 2017.01.04.
  1. Improvement in h264 video handling. Now h264 videos are faster and have better quality.
  2. This version is able to connect to SIP servers which have multiple IP addresses.
  3. No more exceptions occur in camera connections and SIP messaging.
  4. Bugfix in streamer examples. It is able to connect to all streamer examples via RTSP.
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.6.3
Updated: 2016.12.05.
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.6.2
Updated: 2016.11.18.
  • Bugfix in ContactIdHandler. It is able to send multiple contact id messages.
  • Bugfix in IncomingCall event. From this version it will not occur multiple times.
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.6.1
Updated: 2016.11.17.
  1. The class DeviceInfo in the Ozeki.Media namespace has been renamed to AudioDeviceInfo to better describe its role and to avoid ambiguity.
  2. New feature:Native HTML5 video streaming
  3. New feature:.deb packages for the experimental Linux/Mono version of the SDK:
    Ozeki_SDK_1.6.1.deb - only compatible with PC
    Ozeki_SDK_1.6.1_armhf.deb - only compatible with Raspberry Pi
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.6.0
Updated: 2016.11.07.
  1. New feature: WebMStreamer class. From this version it is possible to stream video and audio together to a website using the video tag of HTML5. See: 14_WebMStream_For_HTML5 example (\Ozeki\Ozeki SDK\Examples\Camera\05_Advanced\14_WebMStream_For_HTML5).
  2. Improvement: VideoViewer turns black when the camera connection ends.
  3. Improvement: It is possible to provide the number of extensions which you wish to subscribe to (presence event):
    var subscription = _phoneLine.Subscription.Create("presence", "100");
    subscription.NotificationReceived += subscription_NotificationReceived;
  4. Bugfix: You can get the type of incoming call if the IncomingCall event occurs (e.Item.CallType).
  5. Bugfix: System.InvalidOperationException of System.Drawing.Image.Clone() in Ozeki.Media.VideoViewerWF has been fixed.
  6. Bugfix: CPU issue has been fixed in case of using the TCP transport type.
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.5.3
Updated: 2016.10.26.
  1. New feature: SDP information can be saved during RTSP connection. See: BasicIPCameraViewer example.
  2. Bugfix in RTSP handling.
  3. Bugfix in Contact ID Handler: Multiple Contact ID messages can be sent and the number of sending attempts can be queried.
  4. Bugfix in Mpeg4Recorder class.
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.5.2
Updated: 2016.10.07.
  1. Bugfix in Linux dll
  2. Bugfix in MJPEGConnection class
  3. Bugfix in MJPEGStreamer class
  4. Bugfix in CreateDirectIPCallObject method
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.5.1
Updated: 2016.09.30.
  1. Bugfix in RTSP handling
  2. Bugfix in Mpeg4 recorder
  3. Minor bugfixes
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.5.0
Updated: 2016.09.23.
  1. Improvement in MjpegStreamer: From this version Ozeki SDK calculates the number of frames that are sent through the network based on the bandwidth. This means that the packets are not lost on the network, and the latency becomes minimal. You can find an example here.
  2. Ozeki SDK for Linux: Ozeki SDK has become available on Ubuntu based Linux distributions from this version. You can develop Camera viewer, streamer and VoIP applications using Mono Framework. You can read more about the Linux version here.
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.4.7
Updated: 2016.09.16.
  1. Bugfix in camera connection
  2. Minor bugfixes
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.4.6
Updated: 2016.09.05.
  1. Bugfix in H.264 codec
  2. Bugfix in RTP packet handling
  3. Bugfix in RTSP connection handling
  4. Bugfix in call handling (PBX mode)
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.4.5
Updated: 2016.08.11.
  1. Improvement: It is possible to disable DNS SRV from now.
  2. Bugfix in DNS resolution.
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.4.4
Updated: 2016.08.02.
  1. Improvement: VideoViewerWPF mouse events
  2. Improvement in DNS SRV handling
  3. Bugfix in MjpegConnection class
  4. Bugfix in PTZ
  5. Minor bugfixes
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.4.3
Updated: 2016.07.14.
  1. Bugfix in DNS SRV handling
  2. Bugfix in SIP message handling
  3. Bugfix in Ozeki Demo Softphone
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.4.2
Updated: 2016.06.24.
  1. Bugfix in RTSP
  2. Bugfix in DemoSoftphone
  3. Bugfix in Call State Change in PBX Force Relay mode
  4. Bugfix in Outbound Call mapping
  5. Bitmap converter improvement
  6. AudioQualityEnhancer improvement
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.4.1
Updated: 2016.06.07.
  1. Bugfix: BigConnect softphone and Cisco Jabber Video Client are now compatible.
  2. Bugfix in DNS SRV resolv.
  3. Bugfix in GainControl class.
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.4.0
Updated: 2016.05.30.
  1. New feature: OggReader class and OggStreamPlayback class.
  2. New feature: DNS SRV is now supported.
  3. Bugfix in memory handling.
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.3.9
Updated: 2016.05.19.
  1. New feature: Incoming and outgoing RTP data can be accessed.
  2. Bugfix in network interface handling.
  3. Bugfix in Answering Machine Detector.
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.3.8
Updated: 2016.05.03.
  1. New feature: VideoViewerWF Mouse events
  2. New feature: RTCP sender report
  3. Bugfix in ONVIF listener
  4. Bugfix in Camera Server
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.3.7
Updated: 2016.04.06.
  1. Bugfix in Mp3StreamRecorder class.
  2. Bugfix: Now we can play mpeg4 videos with AVPlayer class recorded by Mpeg4Recorder class.
  3. Bugfix in MjpegStreamer class.
  4. Bugfix in BitMapConverter class.
  5. RTSP handling improvement
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.3.6
Updated: 2016.03.22.
  1. Bugfix: Now we can play our RTSP stream.
  2. Bugfix in MjpegStreamer class.
  3. Bugfix in CameraUrlBuilder classes.
  4. Bugfix in examples and demo applications.
  5. Asserts have been removed.
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.3.5
Updated: 2016.03.11.
  1. Bugfix in Mp3StreamRecorder class
  2. Bugfix in BitmapConverter class
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.3.4
Updated: 2016.02.23.
  1. Bugfix in CreateCallObject method
  2. Bugfix in Ozeki IP Camera Manager Demo
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.3.3
Updated: 2016.02.22.
  1. Bugfix in AudioQualityEnhancer
  2. H264 Decoder improvement
  3. RTSP handling improvement
  4. Bugfix in Ozeki Demo Softphone
  5. Bugfix in Ozeki IP Camera Manager Demo
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.3.2
Updated: 2016.02.17.
  1. Bugfix: Sometimes receiving peer to peer calls did not work.
  2. Bugfix: There was a space character in the SDP in case of TLS transport type. It has been removed.
  3. Bugfix: SDK did not send back ACK SIP message when call type was modified. It works now.
  4. Bugfix: Tripwire event sender has been fixed.
  5. Improvement: VideoConcat class
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.3.1
Updated: 2016.02.01.
  1. Improvement in MjpegStreamer
  2. Bugfix in Mpeg4Recorder
  3. Bugfix in H264 encoder and decoder
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.3.0
Updated: 2016.01.27.
  1. Namespace correction
  2. New feature: New MediaHandler (VideoConcat - it is able to concatenate multiple video sources)
  3. New example: VideoConcat (\Ozeki\Ozeki SDK\Examples\Camera\05_Advanced\13_VideoConcat)
  4. Bugfix: Bugfix in Ozeki IP Camera Manager and Ozeki Demo Softphone applications
  5. RTSP handling improvement
  6. ONVIF handling improvement
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.2.0
Updated: 2015.11.16.
  1. New feature: Tampering
  2. New example: Tampering detector (Camera\5_Advanced\11_Tampering)
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.1.2
Updated: 2015.11.09.
  1. Minor bugfixes
  2. TextOverlay improvement
  3. Mpeg4Recorder improvement (e.g. FramesCount property)
  4. Documentation bugfix
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.1.1
Updated: 2015.11.03.
  1. New MediaHandler: VideoCodecConverter (you can modify the video format from raw format to h263\h263+\h264 formats)
  2. ImageMask improvement (selectable mask color)
  3. DeviceDiscovery bug and memory leak fix
  4. Instant message response received event raised
  5. New Datareceived event in the WaveStreamRecorder to catch the raw data
  6. AudioQualityEnhancer bugfix
  7. New examples: Camera\5_Advanced\10_Image_Mask_WF
  8. VideoViewer improvement
  9. WPF controls bugfix
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.1.0
Updated: 2015.10.26.
  1. Namespace simplification
  2. Examples correction and improvements (e.g. Ozeki Demo Softphone)
  3. Native exception handling
  4. Bugfix in .NET 3.5 dll (VoIP)
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.0.1
Updated: 2015.10.13.
  1. A bug was discovered in speaker handling. It is fixed.
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.0.0
Updated: 2015.10.12.
Changes:Ozeki SDK is the next generation of our VoIP SDK library. This is an amazing new development with huge improvements in the field of camera handling. We have simplified the namespaces, optimized the code and fixed several annoying bugs. Please download, and install this version, and check the examples folder to see what you can do with this fantastic new tool.

Some of the improvements:
  1. The number of namespaces have been reduced
  2. Detailed network communication logging is available to trace your calls
  3. Memory management has been optimized. Significantly less memory is used for video and audio calls.
  4. Performance has been optimized. Less CPU is used for audio and video encoding and decoding
  5. Bug fixes in codec implementations, such as H264, AAC, etc
  6. Improved RTSP streaming (audio/video)
  7. IP camera support with Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) capability
  8. OnVif protocol support (
  9. MJPEG streaming added to be able to stream video calls to webbrowsers without Flash, Silverlight or WebRTC support
  10. Computer vision capabilities can be used in SIP video calls (Number plate recognition, Face detection, Line detection, Circle detection, etc...)
  11. Optimized multi way audio and video streaming can be set up to be able to broadcast voice and video
  12. Device discovery was added for local networks
  13. There are several other improvements, please check the examples folder.
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v12.1.0
Updated: 2015.05.13.
  1. Example improvements
  2. Minor bugfixes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v11.2.4
Updated: 2015.03.20.
  1. Example improvements
  2. Minor VoIP and IPCamera bugfixes
  3. NuGet example update
  4. IPCamera ConnectionLost timeout can be set on API
  5. RTSP handling improvement
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v11.2.3
Updated: 2015.03.02.
  1. Instant Message sending without being in InCall state
  2. IPCamera RTSPClient refactor
  3. IPCamera RTP over RTSP (TCP interleave) support
  4. Minor bugfixes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v11.2.2
Updated: 2015.02.16.
  1. CultureInfo for grammar can be set on SpeechToText
  2. NVA related bugfixes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v11.2.1
Updated: 2015.02.04.
  1. New feature: License Plate Recognizer
  2. New feature: Tripwire
  3. Improvement in Answering Machine Detection
  4. NVA example applications included
  5. Minor bugfixes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v11.2.0
Updated: 2015.01.12.
  1. New library included: Network Video Analytics
    • line detection
    • edge detection
    • corner detection
    • circle detection
    • barcode scanner
  2. New feature: Laser Distance Measurement
  3. Silverlight 5 library included for Media Gateway Client SDK
  4. API improvements (ISpeaker, IMicrophone, IMediaConnector interfaces)
  5. Minor bugfixes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v11.1.5
Updated: 2014.12.01.
  1. Parameters can be changed for Waveform speaker
  2. IP camera connection improvements
  3. ONVIF snapshot feature without connecting to camera device
  4. IP range can be specified when discovering ONVIF devices
  5. Minor bugfixes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v11.1.4
Updated: 2014.11.21.
  1. Selectable video resolution during calls
  2. ONVIF IP Camera Manager application improvement
  3. ONVIF IP Camera PTZ improvement
  4. ONVIF IP Camera Networking improvement
  5. ONVIF IP Camera static ONVIF snapshot command
  6. Minor bugfixes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v11.1.3
Updated: 2014.11.04.
  1. Custom source identifier can be set on IPhoneLine
  2. ONVIF IP Camera Manager application improvement
  3. Minor bugfixes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v11.1.2
Updated: 2014.10.22.
  1. IP camera connectivity support
  2. New installer
  3. Launcher application included
  4. Minor bugfixes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v11.0.1
Updated: 2014.09.22.
  1. Fixed some issue with API class visibility
  2. Fixed some issue with video encoding
  3. Fixed the issue with VOS2000 registration
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v11.0.0
Updated: 2014.09.10.
  1. Media features and improvements:
    • Better performance
    • No audio mixer required when connecting multiple audio sources to a destination
    • Different audio can be played in the left and right channel simultaneously
    • Improvement in audio and video synchronization
    • Audio/Video handlers can support multiple audio/video formats
  2. SIP features and improvements:
    • Extended registration info for IPhoneLine and SIP extensions
    • Multiple SIP account registration with the same port number
    • Subscription to any SIP event-packages via SUBSCRIBE requests
    • SIP header mapping for SIP extensions and IPhoneLine
    • Trusted network identity support (P-Asserted-Identity, P-Preferred-Identity, Remote-Party-ID)
    • Notification about MESSAGE sending failure
  3. Call features and improvements:
    • Easier call parameter customization (such as caller ID or call type)
    • SRTP mode can be specified for each calls
    • Optimized direct IP P2P calls
    • Custom properties can be used in ICall objects
  4. PBX features and improvements:
    • Simplified extension identification
    • Simpler call handling for extensions (no need to create it manually via IPBXCallFactory)
    • Much more easier to implement SIP trunk and VoIP provider connection
    • Revised dial plan parameters (easier to get caller ID and dialed number information)
    • SessionMode can be specified for each calls in the dial plan
  5. New sample projects
  6. Several API modification
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.1.14
Updated: 2014.08.22.
  1. Improvement in TCP stream handling
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.1.13
Updated: 2014.06.13.
  1. New feature: Contact Id protocol support
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.1.12
Updated: 2014.05.19.
  1. The aggregated H264 NAL unit is supported in RTP stream
  2. Registration issue is fixed in Asterisk based PBXes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.1.11
Updated: 2014.05.13.
  1. SIP register compatibility with VOS2000/3000 PBX
  2. Answering machine detector related bugfixes
  3. SIP reason phrase can be accessed when error occurred during a call
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.1.10
Updated: 2014.04.30.
  1. Improved compatibility with SIP devices without 'rport' support
  2. Improved video recording with H.263 codec
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.1.9
Updated: 2014.04.18.
  1. Minor SIP related bugfixes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.1.8
Updated: 2014.03.11.
  1. Incoming RTP data can be accessed in audio and video handlers
  2. Improvement in VAD filter
  3. UTF-8 character encoding support in SIP messages
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.1.7
Updated: 2014.02.18.
  1. Improvement in dial plan: new destination types introduced (reject, redirection)
  2. Minor bugfixes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.1.6
Updated: 2014.01.31.
  1. New feature: Video recording
  2. Improvement in video and audio synchronizing
  3. Fixed SIP port can be specified when creating the IPhoneLine
  4. PBX relay mode can be set when routing the call
  5. Minor bugfixes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.1.5
Updated: 2014.01.15.
  1. Improvement in speech-to-text
    • Custom speech-to-text engine implementation can be used
    • Word recognition mode can be specified
  2. An improved version of the default demo softphone is included
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.1.4
Updated: 2013.12.20.
  1. New feature: TLS support in PBX module
  2. Improved compatibility with firewalls and routers
  3. Minor bugfixes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.1.3
Updated: 2013.11.13.
  1. Real-time video quality change
  2. Improvement in call media handling
  3. Simplified codec selection
  4. SIP identity can be set on a direct IP phone line
  5. Revised logging system
  6. Minor bugfixes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.1.2
Updated: 2013.10.25.
  1. Improved codecs
  2. Improvement in PBX authentication
  3. An improved version of the speaker can be selected
    • Supported OS: Vista and above
  4. Automatic DTMF signalling mode detection during a call
  5. The TextToSpeech MediaHandler can be extended with other TTS engines
  6. Modifications on IPhoneLine interface
    • More information available about the SIP registration at client side (IPhoneLine.RegistrationInfo)
    • RegisteredInfo renamed to LineState
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.1.1
Updated: 2013.09.16.
  1. Modifications on ICall interface:
    • New property: IsAnswered, indicates whether the call has been answered
    • New method: HoldCall() for putting the call on hold
    • New method: UnholdCall() for taking off the call from hold
    • The older Hold() method has been renamed to ToggleHold()
  2. New CallState has been added: Answered
    • See the sample projects for optimal usage
  3. Improvement in custom SIP/SDP message modification
  4. Improvement in codec selection
  5. The availability of the WebCamera can be checked with the Initialized property
  6. Minor bugfixes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.1.0
Updated: 2013.08.21.
  1. New feature: Making and receiving P2P calls without SIP server
  2. New feature: Multipart SIP message body support
  3. New feature: Static public IP can be set in NAT configuration
  4. New feature: Handling received blind transfer (REFER) requests at client side
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.0.11
Updated: 2013.07.24.
  1. Direct IP session setup for VoIP phones
  2. Peer-to-peer SIP session setup
  3. Improvement in transport error management
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.0.10
Updated: 2013.06.13.
  1. New properties on IPhoneLine interface: LocalAddress, LocalPort
  2. Improvement in PBX call routing
  3. Improvement in PBX messaging
  4. Minor compatibility fixes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.0.9
Updated: 2013.03.20.
  1. New feature: video bitrate can be set.
  2. Improvement: it is possible to easily and simply define the type of codecs you wish to use.
  3. PBX improvement: more efficient caller ID and dialed number handling.
  4. Minor bugfixes.
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.0.7
Updated: 2013.02.01.
  1. New feature (New CallState): InactiveHeld. This call state occurs when both parties place the call on hold
  2. Improvement (SIP account): more flexible domain validation during specifying SIP account
  3. Improvement (PBX module): SIP authentication related improvements in the PBX module.
  4. Improvement: optimized Ozeki DemoSoftphone WPF
  5. Minor bugfixes
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.0.6
Updated: 2012.12.10.
  1. Improvement: TLS authentication has been fixed
  2. Improvement: more stable calls in the PBX module (ISession and CallManager have been changed)
  3. New feature: it is possible to customize speech rate in TextToSpeech
  4. New feature: a MediaHandler that can play unique formats can be derived from AudioStreamPlayback class
  5. New feature: it is possible to select the type of voice that will be played when the maximum number of calls is reached in the PBX module of the licensed Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK
Version:OZEKI VoIP SIP SDK v10.0.5
Updated: 2012.11.07.
  1. Improvement in Redirection (3xx) response handling.
  2. New feature: new CallState (Forwarding) has been added.
  3. Improvement: more stable authentication, registration and calls in PBX module.
  4. Improvement: notification about sent and received SIP messages in PBX module.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v10.0.4
Updated: 2012.09.24.
  1. SIP TCP connection improved
  2. MediaGateway FileNotFoundException fixed
  3. Improved transfer compatibility with Cisco and Avaya
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v10.0.3
Updated: 2012.08.23.
  1. New feature: You can send DTMF signal over SIP info.
  2. BUG fix: SIP register compatible with SipXecs PBX.
  3. BUG fix: WP7 packet handling improved.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v10.0.2
Updated: 2012.06.21.
  1. New feature: You can create Windows Phone VoIP application. Many examples included.
  2. New feature: PBX can handle multi-network interface.
  3. Bug: Minor bug fixes in PBX phone calls.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v10.0.1
Updated: 2012.06.12.
  1. New feature: NAT discovery.
  2. Bug fix: microphone instance freezes when microphone device is disconnected.
  3. Reduced installation time.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v10.0.0
Updated: 2012.05.11.
  1. New feature: You can create custom PBX. Many examples included.
  2. Silverlight video stream quality highly improved.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v9.8.0
Updated: 2012.04.27.
  1. Trial time calculation fixed.
  2. SetKeepalive method was removed from ISoftPhone.
  3. VoIP SDK is compatible with
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v9.7.0
Updated: 2012.04.13.
  1. DTMF event player has changed. You can play dtmf sound anytime(call is not required).
  2. Trial version limitation reduced: You can create unlimited simultaneous phone calls and phone lines.
  3. Incoming calls will not be rejected because of the licensing.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v9.6.0
Updated: 2012.04.02.
  1. New feature: You can add custom phone number, display name in the phone call.
  2. Improvement in LicenseManager.
  3. Improvement in call forwarding.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v9.5.0
Updated: 2012.03.14.
  1. New feature: TLS support.
  2. New feature: attended transfer.
  3. Improvement in Avaya connectivity.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v9.4.0
Updated: 2012.02.24.
  1. New feature: SRTP.
  2. New feature: blind transfer.
  3. New video codec: H.263.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v9.3.0
Updated: 2012.02.10.
  1. New audio codecs:
    • L16
    • G723
    • G726-16
    • G726-24
    • G726-32
    • G726-40
    • G728
  2. Improvement in echo cancellation.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v9.2.0
Updated: 2012.02.02.
  1. Webphone development support (Flash and Silverlight).
  2. Improvement in silence filter.
  3. Minor bug fixes.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v9.1.0
Updated: 2012.01.27.
  1. New feature: Answering machine detection.
  2. Improvement in Voice Activity Detection.
  3. Minor bug fixes.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v9.0.0
Updated: 2012.01.16.
  1. New feature: Video calls are supported effectively from this version.
    Available video codecs:
    • H.263+
    • H.264
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v8.9.0
Updated: 2011.11.29.
  1. Improvement in Avaya connectivity.
  2. Improvement in the sample programs.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v8.8.0
Updated: 2011.11.24.
  1. Improvement in registration.
  2. Improvement in microphone handling.
  3. Improvement in the Demo Softphone.
  4. Improvement in JitterBuffer.
  5. Improvement in VoiceIVR sample program.
  6. Improvement in DtmfEventWavePlayer (clearer voice and faster operation).
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v8.7.0
Updated: 2011.10.27.
  1. Improvement in TCP/SIP connection.
  2. Bug fix: In some cases the SDK freezes during NAT detection. This bug has been fixed.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v8.6.0
Updated: 2011.10.25.
  1. Improvement in sound quality.
  2. Improvement in the manipulation of SDP messages.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v8.5.0
Updated: 2011.10.07.
  1. Improvement in Skype connectivity regarding receiving calls.
  2. Improvement in stability.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v8.4.0
Updated: 2011.09.23.
  1. Skype connectivity has been further improved.
  2. Improvement in stability.
  3. Improvement in sample programs.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v8.3.0
Updated: 2011.09.13.
  1. Improvement has been made in hang up function for greater efficiency.
  2. Improvement in documentation.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v8.2.2
Updated: 2011.09.08.
  1. This release of Ozeki SIP SDK ensures higher stability in connections.
  2. Improvement has been made in hang up function.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v8.2.1
Updated: 2011.08.26.
  1. Improvement in re-registration.
  2. Improvement in connection stability.
  3. Improvement in memory usage.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v8.2.0
Updated: 2011.08.22.
  1. Improvement in the stability of connection.
  2. Improvement in memory usage. The amount of memory usage is remarkably reduced.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v8.1.1
Updated: 2011.07.21.
  1. Sample programs have been improved for greater efficiency.
  2. Improvement in documentation.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v8.1.0
Updated: 2011.07.15.
  1. Improvement in compatibility with
  2. NAT autodetection.
  3. Improvement in audio file handling.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v8.0.0
Updated: 2011.07.13.
  1. Extended codec support has been added:
    • iLBC
    • G722
    • G729
    • SPEEX
    • GSM
  2. Unified media handling has been added. Meaning that various audio devices can be handled in a unified way.
  3. Totally new audio subsystem has been added to highly improve performance and quality.
  4. Updated sample programs on the various utilization possibilities of the Ozeki SDK.
  5. Improvement in documentation.
  6. Simpler registration.
  7. Simpler usage.
  8. Built-in ring tones, ringback tones, DTMF signals, etc, have been added.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v7.5.1
Updated: 2011.06.27.
  1. Improvement has been made in wav recording.
  2. Improvement in documentation.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v7.5.0
Updated: 2011.06.23.
  1. .NET FRAMEWORK 3.5 is also supported beside .Net Framework 4.0.
  2. This release includes various sample programs with source code (e.g. for creating a softphone, DTMF IVR, IVR voice recognition, etc) to demonstrate the flexibility of Ozeki SIP SDK.
  3. Compatibility with Cisco Unified CM, Freeswitch and Trixbox has been improved.
    Further functions have also been added:
  4. Hold: It ends voice communication (even if the PBX does not handle HOLD function according to the standard).
  5. Packet manipulation: It allows to insert own fields into incoming/outgoing SIP messages, or to modify an existing field.
  6. Redial and Call history have been added to the Demo application.
  7. Handling of Outbound proxy has been added.
  8. Call recording function has been improved.
  9. It is possible to select the audio device to be used.
  10. Volume indicators have been included in the Demo.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v7.4.0.
Updated: 2011.06.03.
    Compatibility with the following PBXs has been highly improved in this version:
  1. FreePBX
  2. Kamailio
  3. OpenSIPS
  4. SIPX
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v7.3.0.
Updated: 2011.05.11.
  1. This new release supports STUN protocol to further improve NAT compatibility.
  2. VS2010 ADD-In has been added to be able to use the License Manager in a simpler way.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v7.2.0.
Updated: 2011.04.22.
  1. In this version we include STUN protocol support to further improve NAT compatibility.
  2. This version is also compatible with Asterisk PBX.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v7.1.0.
Updated: 2011.03.17.
  1. In this version of Ozeki VoIP SDK we introduce the basic NAT support for better communication.
  2. Network keepalive mechanism has also been added.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v7.0.0.
Updated: 2011.02.04.
  1. In this new release of Ozeki SIP SDK the whole SIP stack has been redesigned.
  2. This version is based on .Net Framework 4.0.
  3. All example programs have been further improved.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v6.2.0.
Updated: 2010.11.04.
  1. This version of Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK supprots Speex codec for more efficient communciation.
  2. Auto Gain Control functionality has been added.
  3. Accustic echo cancellation feature has also been introduced.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v6.1.0.
Updated: 2010.10.13.
  1. We improved the performance to reduce CPU usage.
  2. Voice Activity Detection functionality has been added.
  3. This version is compatible with 3CX phone system.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v6.0.0.
Updated: 2010.08.12.
  1. DSP (Digital sound processing) functionality has been added to this new release.
  2. NOISE cancellation function has also been added to achieve much better voice quality.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v5.2.0.
Updated: 2010.05.07.
  1. A MOCK softphone has been introduced to help testing.
  2. Mute Sound function has been added.
  3. New example program has been introduced.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v5.1.0.
Updated: 2010.03.06.
  1. New logging sub system has been introduced.
  2. Access SIP messages directly.
  3. SDP update.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v5.0.0.
Updated: 2010.02.23.
  1. New redesigned SIP parser. It is more compatible, reliable and faster than the previous SIP parser.
  2. Improvement: Not all DTMF signals were indicated. This issue has been fixed.
  3. Updated documentation and Help.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v4.2.0.
Updated: 2010.01.08.
  1. IGNORE function has been added.
  2. Forward function has been implemented.
  3. .Software volume control feature has been introduced.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v4.1.0.
Updated: 2009.10.05.
  1. HOLD function has been added.
  2. TRANSFER function has been introduced.
  3. New example program has been added.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v4.0.0.
Updated: 2009.08.24.
  1. The network layer has been redesigned. Therefore the network layer has become faster and more stable.
  2. packet lost concealment feature has been added.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v3.2.0.
Updated: 2009.06.09.
  1. Auto Answer function has been added.
  2. DND function has been introduced.
  3. Support play the wave file to a special line (session).
  4. Support record the conversation on a special line(session).
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v3.1.0.
Updated: 2009.04.15.
  1. DTMF as SIP INFO message is supported.
  2. DTMF as specially marked events in the RTP stream is also supported.
  3. Jitter buffer has been added to the RTP. Therefore the voice quality has been improved.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v3.0.0.
Updated: 2009.02.06.
  1. Sound devices are handled efficiently.
  2. Voice can be recorded during conversations in wav format.
  3. More detailed logging has been added.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v2.3.0.
Updated: 2009.01.14.
  1. We introduce manual codec selection in this release. Therefore you can select the codec you wish to use easily according to your needs.
  2. A sample program has been added.
  3. Dynamic codec handling is also supported.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v2.2.0.
Updated: 2008.11.02.
  1. This version supports multiple calls to be made in the same line simultaneously.
  2. Beside multiple calls multiple SIP lines are also handled simultaneously.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v2.1.0.
Updated: 2008.09.10.
  1. This version of Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK supports g711 codec.
  2. GSM codec support is also included for more efficient communication.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v2.0.0.
Updated: 2008.08.07.
  1. This version of Ozeki SIP SDK also supports RTP beside SIP. In this way voice calls can be established more efficiently.
  2. The registration in the PBX has been further improved. Previously the SDK does not always register in the PBX. This issue has been fixed.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v1.2.0.
Updated: 2008.05.16.
  1. Now the system is able to register in the PBX succssfully.
  2. A more detailed documentation has been added to the SDK to help more efficient handling.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v1.1.0.
Updated: 2008.04.05.
  1. Logging function has been added to the SDK to achieve more efficient debugging.
  2. A major improvement in ATA handling has been introduced.
Version:Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK v1.0.0.
Updated: 2008.02.17.
  1. We are proud to announce that the first official release of Ozeki SIP SDK is available. This component supports SIP protocol effectively and allows to create a C# softphone or a VB.Net softphone in minutes in any software developed in .Net.
Version:OZEKI SDK v1.5.2
Updated: 0000.00.00.
  1. Bugfix in Linux dll
  2. Bugfix in MJPEGConnection class
  3. Bugfix in MJPEGStreamer class
  4. Bugfix in CreateDirectIPCallObject method

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