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Ozeki 10
Installation guide Installation guide | Ozeki 10 service Ozeki 10 service

Install Ozeki 10 on Windows

This page guides you through the steps of Ozeki 10 installation on Windows operating system. At first it shows where you can download the latest installer, then you will learn how to install it. Finally, you will see how to access the GUI of Ozeki 10 from a web browser and all the built-in applications.

Step 1: Download the installer

The latest release of Ozeki 10 can be downloaded from To download the Windows installer in compressed format, you need to click on the first link as Figure 1 shows below. We recommend you to always download the latest one. The latest one includes the lates features and improvements.

Downloading Ozeki 10
Figure 1 - Downloading Ozeki 10

Step 2: Unzip and start the installer

The next step is to unzip (uncompress) the downloaded file. To do this, right click on the file, and click on 'Extract All...' in the context menu. In the pop-up dialog, check 'Show extracted files when complete' checkbox and click on 'Extract' button to start the extraction. After finished, you will see the Ozeki_10.x.xx.exe file in a pop-up window. Finally, double click on it to start the installation process (Figure 2).

Welcome to Ozeki 10 installer
Figure 2 - Welcome to Ozeki 10 installer

Step 3: Accept the License Agreement

To install Ozeki 10 on your computer, you must accept the terms of the License Agreement. Please review them then click 'I Agree' button to continue (Figure 3).

License Agreement
Figure 3 - License Agreement

Step 4: Provide the destination folder

The setup will install the Ozeki 10 components into the provided destination folder. It is advised to keep the default folder location for Ozeki 10. Finally, start the installation by clicking on the 'Install' button as you can see in Figure 4.

Choosing install location
Figure 4 - Choosing install location

Step 5: Provide the admin password

During the installation process, a 'Create password' window will pop-up (Figure 5) where you have to provide a password for the admin account. This password should at least 6 characters long. There is a green bar to show the password strength. Try to choose a strong password. The admin user is the first user you can use to log in to Ozeki 10. It is natural that if you would like more users, you can create them in Ozeki 10 later. Click 'Finish' to continue the installation.

Providing password
Figure 5 - Providing password for the admin account of Ozeki 10

Step 6: Finish the installation

After the installation process is finished, you will find two new icons on your desktop. These icons are shortcuts for opening Ozeki Chat client and Ozeki Desktop. You can use the Ozeki Chat client to chat with people and devices. To make it work, it needs to be connected to a Chat Server. The Ozeki Desktop one will open the Ozeki 10 GUI on your default web browser. By clicking 'Finish' (Figure 6), the Ozeki 10 service will start automatically in the background and the GUI will open in your default web browser. For more information about Ozeki 10 service, please visit

Installation successful
Figure 6 - Installation successful

Step 7: Log in to Ozeki 10

This is the login screen. If the service is running, this Desktop GUI can be reached by typing https://localhost:9505/ into the searchbar of your web browser or you use the Ozeki Desktop shortcut on the Windows desktop to navigate here. You can also access the GUI from other computers if they are connected to the same LAN as the computer the Ozeki 10 installed on. In this case, you just need to type the IP address of that PC instead of 'localhost'. You can check the IP address of your PC by opening the Command Prompt and issuing 'ipconfig' command. We recommend you to use Google Chrome for accessing the GUI. Please type your password you provided during the installation then click OK to log in like Figure 7 demonstrates.

Login screen of Ozeki 10
Figure 7 - Login screen of Ozeki 10

Step 8: Check programs in Ozeki 10

After successful login, you will see the Ozeki Desktop page (Figure 8). On this desktop, you can see shortcuts to some applications such as Contol Panel, File Manager, Phone System, Snap etc. The Control Panel is a very important component of Ozeki 10. Here you can create connections, routes between connections, new users, configure the system settings etc. To access all the built-in applications, please navigate to the Start menu and select the Programs option.

Programs in Ozeki 10
Figure 8 - Programs in Ozeki 10

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