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On-line manual:
  Explore all the features in this On-line HTML documentation of Ozeki Message Server 6.

Product guide:
  Download Ozeki Message Server 6 Manual in PDF format. This PDF guide explains all the features of Ozeki Message Server 6.
Ozeki Message Server 6
IT Professionals IT Professionals | Link and message management Link and message management

The envelope system

Ozeki Message Server is a messaging software that can handle various message types, such as SMS text messages, SMS binary messages, WAP messages, etc... . The addressing scheme, the content and other properties of these messages are different for each message type. 

Ozeki Message Server provides store and forward functionality and makes it possible to track each message individually. It also exposes enough information to find out when and how the message was sent or received. To make this functionality work for all kinds of messages, the software uses an envelope system similar to the envelope system used by your postal service. When the user passes a message to the software, the Ozeki application puts it in an XML envelope.

The message engine can read and handle these envelopes regardless of their content. Based on the addressing and message type identification printed on the envelope, the engine can route the envelope to the appropriate destination. Envelopes can contain almost any message type. SMS, E-mail, MMS, Windows MSN messages, ICQ messages, although not all of these types are implemented in the current software version.

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