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How to connect SQL database

With Ozeki Bulk Messenger software you can connect to an SQL database and the Bulk Messenger will autorefresh the contact list from the database. This is a good way to speed dial your SQL address books. In this guide we will show you how to connect Ozeki Bulk Messenger software to SQL database.

Here is a quick overview of how this solution is going to work. First you create a database table: for example the "test" table in MS SQL.

 Name varchar(30),
 PhoneNumber number(30),
 EmailAddress varchar(30),
 Age number(3),

Once you have the configuration completed, you can insert records in the "test" database table using an SQL INSERT. Ozeki Bulk Messenger will read these records using an SQL SELECT and add to your Address book.

 insert into test (Name,PhoneNumber,EmailAddress,Age) values ('test1','12341243234','','15'); 
 insert into test (Name,PhoneNumber,EmailAddress,Age) values ('test2','343434','','51'); 
 insert into test (Name,PhoneNumber,EmailAddress,Age) values ('test3','25423434','','18'); 

Step 1 - Create new address book

First thing to do is to select 'Step 1 - Address books' in the Quick Start menu.

Figure 1 - Select 'Step 1 - Address books'

Step 2 - Create SQL address book

On the new page click on 'Create new address book' button and select the 'SQL' type.

Figure 2 - Create an SQL address book

Step 3 - Add name for your Address book

At 'Address book name:' Add a name for your address book, so you can easily differentiate them later if you will create more.

At the 'Database connection' area you can choose your existing database. If you don't know how to create a new database connection please review this page: Create a new database.

At 'Query' you can specify which data you would like to pick from your database. You can specify other column names, but these colums won't appear at the 'Contacts' page.

Figure 3 - Provide addressbook details

Step 4 - Managing your contacts

Please click on the 'Contacts' button to see the details of your imported contacts.

If you click on the 'Refresh' button you can refresh your database.

WARNING: By clicking the 'Refresh' button, the refreshing process will delete all your contact and load the original contacts from your connected SQL database. If you edit a contact the new details won't be saved to the connected SQL database.

Figure 4 - Managing contacts

Here you can manage your imported contacts or add new ones. By clicking the 'Open' button you can add or remove contact details and you can see the other table columns.

Figure 5 - Open your contact

You can find here the other column names what you have specified when creating your address book.

Figure 6 - Contact details

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