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Combining address books tutorial

As the number one global Bulk Messenger, Ozeki Bulk Messenger software is capable of merging two or more address books into one list. In this instruction I will show you how to combine two existing address books in our premium Bulk Messenger software.

Step 1 - Merge contact lists

On the 'Quick Start' page of the program select the first step: 'Address books'. This way, you will be directed to the page where you can choose which type of an addressbook you would like to have.

Figure 1 - Select 'Step 1 - Addressbooks'

Step 2 - Create Combined address book

Click on the 'Create new addressbook' button and select 'Combined'.

Figure 2 - Combine address books

Step 3 - Add name for your merged Address book

At "Address book name:" You can give a name for your new combined address book so you can easily differentiate them.

"Merge settings" You can specify the merge settings for all added addressbook one by one. The include rule doesn't allow duplicate contacts, the exclude rule remove all occurences of the same contact, so it works like a duplicate contacts remover.
Choose the address books you would like to merge and click on "Add"

Figure 3 - Create new address book

You have successfully merged your address books.

Step 5 - Managing contacts

Click on "Contacts".

Figure 4 - Managing contacts

Here you can manage contacts in your new combined address book. If you click on the "Refresh" button you can refresh your database.
WARNING: By clicking the refresh button, the refreshing process will delete all your contact and load the original contacts from your merged databases. If you edit a contact the new details won't be saved to the original database.

Figure 5 - Managing contacts

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